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The Moment I Saw the Meme Above was Profound and Life Changing.


It was not long after the News Broke in mid 2018 that several top officials in our #DeepState had had Serious Conversations about Arresting President #DonaldTrump


I said to myself, what would I do if I saw that -- the DOJ or FBI -- taking into handcuffs our legally elected President; a man Innocent of any criminal wrongdoing?


In my imagination, I ran through a scenario of me grabbing a couple of my guns, and driving to Washington, DC (only an hour from Baltimore). Then I thought, what good would that do -- get me arrested, killed?


Then I realized we on the right need to be Organized, and ready to take Action if necessary -- Serious Action if leftists tried to seize power


Individualists (rightists) do not generally band together, it’s not our nature.  Collectivists (leftists) do, which is why they stand so strongly together, why you see them picketing, rioting, and acting like hooligans.

I Encourage all Freedom Oriented People to Join Minutemen, Oathkeepers, 3%er Groups, etc., Train (get exercise!!), Make Good Friends, and --


Right now it is Figurative, and we are only a Tribe.  It is emails, it is online, it is conversation.  But things are in the works to take it to a much broader scope, where we meet, where we Train in the real world.  Right now, I ask you to sign on board, to be ready for whatever the future brings.


Be not afraid of joining a group like this.  Yes, commie puke will infiltrate, and yes, the #DeepState powers will be watching, so keep your head on straight and let’s all be in Unity about one thing -- THE DEFENSE OF LIBERTY.


If we are Lone Wolfs, we can be rounded up with ease, and will surely die in large numbers.  When we are banded together, especially in a larger packs, we could work in coordination; fewer of us would die, and the greater the chances we could once again live free lives

So I ask you To Join

For Our Freedom.

For Our Liberty.

Join My Army



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