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Alt-Right: Defined

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

I’ve finally put my finger on what the Alt-Right ACTUALLY IS, simply.

This thinking has evolved over a period of time running Mr. Free on Facebook, and talking with individuals that have given me illustrative glimpses into the wiring of their minds.

Always trying to be brief, here we go.


The Alt-Right is the fake right, the pseudo right; individuals who believe a majority of what a traditional democrat believes, yet their minds are so obsessed with race that it is all consuming -- it is their cancer -- and thus, they throw all that away and vote Republican.

On about the third person who said to me something like, “F--- your conservative Republican ideas, I don't give a sh-- about free markets. I want a wall. Build the f---ing wall,” I had them figured out. And it really does seem, it is no more complex than that.

I personally don’t care what color you are. I have some weird particular love of black conservatives and libertarians, especially Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. Additionally I feel compelled to say, I don’t see any irrational hate amongst philosophical rightists.

What I mean by philosophical rightists, are people who believe in free association, free markets, free speech, free movement, free thinking, freedom to keep and bear arms – and all of the rest of the freedoms. If you think democrats believe in freedom, tell me how -- tell me where the democrats want the gov’t OUT of your life.

The Alt-Right is what is known as a single issue voter; people who vote Republican bc Trump is on the side that they like with race. That's it.

Is Trump a racist? How many people have done more for minorities and women than Donald Trump, in business, and now as President? Tell me who and we can argue, if you think you stand a chance.

Are Republican ideals racist? Not in the least. We believe everyone should be treated equally in the eyes of the law. Nothing else need be said, however it should be. Dems believe in affirmative action – that people should be given special privileges bc of purported past grievances. This divides people along racial lines, creates racial animosity, and thus is racist.

Race is not important to Republicans; we are reactionary on this issue (and pretty much every other). If liberals didn’t cry about race, there wouldn’t be a political issue. We don’t care what color you are, just shut the f--- up, engage in capitalism happily, and if and when you did, all would be well with the world.

And there would be no terrorism either.

But the babies need their pacifiers.

Think about this….. If the left gave up crying about race, would there need to be an Alt-Right?

Of course, bc the left is also the Alt-Right, and the Alt-Right -- being leftists -- will also ALWAYS need something to cry about :})

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