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Updated: Jul 1, 2019

America has devolved into the USSA: The United Socialist States of America.  Where once we were The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, now we're The Land of the Free Slave

Most Americans think they are free.  Question!  Can you opt out of paying for even a single big gov't program?  Can you carry a gun virtually anywhere bc you want to be free to protect yourself?  I could write a 1000 page book on everything we should be able to do, but cannot.

So.... what would a FREE COUNTRY look like?  Low or no taxes, virtually no regulation, a gov't that encouraged free market capitalism, no codes, no licencing, carry a gun virtually anywhere, be able to protest and not be molested by Antifa, a land where you could do literally anything, unless you directly infringed the freedoms of others.

Where on this vast globe is there a Free Country? Can't think of one? 200 countries AND NOT ONE IS FREE?!?


Let's take it a step further.  The Left dominates the Media.  They dominate Education.  They dominate Arts and Entertainment.  They dominate virtually everything online from Google to Apple to Facebook to Amazon. THEY DOMINATE EVERY METHOD THAT HUMAN BEINGS OBTAIN INFORMATION

You have to SEEK OUT ALTERNATIVES to the STATUS QUO, Alternatives like Fox News, Talk Radio, and sites online (though they are being shut down and demonetized), to OBTAIN ANY INFORMATION other than what the Left GroupThink dictates

How can we combat this?  Well, if we can win elections and put people like #DonaldTrump in office, WE CAN BEAT THESE DAMN SOCIALISTS

I am trying to gain a foothold, and have a voice.  When you Support Me and My Message of Freedom, When You Purchase our Political Art, our Patriotic Attire, You Are Helping Support The Philosophy of Freedom 

I Love America.  American Originalism.  The Declaration.  The Constitution.  George Washington.  Benjamin Franklin.  

It's Time To #ThinkFreedom. Support Me - Mr. Free - and My Cause of Freedom.

And Join My Army Today!

~Mr. Free

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